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Another weekend away.

For me a bank holiday weekend is always a great opportunity to get away from busy London life and spend some time exploring other parts of the UK. Last weekend I travelled up North to Warwickshire’s peaceful countryside. We decided to drive on Saturday morning which turned out not to be a great idea as traffic on the M25 was horrendous as usual and it took much longer than anticipated to get there. I have decided that in the future we will always drive on a Friday evening after work. Although the traffic will be probably even worse and we will arrive at the place very late, Friday is already written off and we will have a whole day on Saturday to enjoy.

As you know I like choosing unconventional accommodation for my escapades and this time I decided to stay on a narrow boat in Southam. The boat is called Serenity and is permanently moored by an old toll house cottage and locks. Inside the boat there is a fully equipped kitchen (5 ring ceramic hob, kettle, toaster, coffeemaker, dishwasher, fridge), washing machine and tumble dryer, shower, toilet, living area with TV (there is no TV reception but there are some DVDs you can watch or you could bring your own movies) and a very comfortable double cabin bed. There is a boiler on board and full central heating. All bedding, linen and towels are provided. What I also found on board was a book entitled “Mona and Alan” by Alan de Piro. Mona and Alan used to live in the cottage where the boat is moored. The book describes their life together and is a tale of a High Court judge born into a life of wealth and privilege who fell in love with a beautiful woman haunted by the nightmare of her secret past. The book includes old photos of the cottage, canal and locks. It was fascinating to travel back in time and discover the stories of the people who used to live there.

Serenity and other quirky accommodation like tree houses can be booked here.







As what is considered to be one of the most magnificent UK castles, Warwick Castle was in the area we decided to spend the day there and I want to share with you some photos that I took. There was so much to do and see but I will not bore you with the usual stuff you can find at any castle; instead I will mention the parts I got especially excited about. One of the things I enjoyed a lot was taking a 50 minute trip in the dungeons where I came across monks, torturers, prisoners and witches. The programme has been created for entertainment purposes and involves actors and special effects however it is way better than similar attractions offered by theme parks as it’s based in the dungeons of a real castle. Another part I particularly enjoyed was the area of the castle re-creating scenes from medieval life involving wax figures alongside authentic furniture and sound effects. You could feel the atmosphere and hear the music, people laughing and chatting. It was like I had actually travelled back in time. In terms of the palace chambers the one that drew my attention the most was the bedroom that’s considered to be the most haunted place in the whole castle. Apparently this room used to be the place of regular séances and there are claims somebody was resurrected in the bed that is currently there! Warwick castle is one of the places where haunted events take place (you can read about the ghost hunting events in a previous post here).





Haunted room




Sadly the bank holiday weekend ended and we had to drive back to London. I was expecting bad traffic again but for the first time I was pleasantly surprised and we got home in less than 3 hours. I will be definitely staying on a narrow boat again and I would recommend visiting Warwick Castle to anyone.

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  1. Christina
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    IT was a lovely journey 🙂
    As always 🙂

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    So Maggie your cousine (Maciej) has to learn to exam but in the break he read about your wonderfull and interesting weekend and know he is very jeaouls !!! 🙂 Regards

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