25 Weird Facts About Me

Let’s get personal: 25 weird and random facts about me!

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel

I would like to make my blog a bit more personal so in order for you to get to know me better, I have put together a list of 25 random facts about me. I always enjoy reading those on other blogs, so here we go!

25 Random & Weird Facts About Me

1. My Christmas tree does not go down until at least February. I just think it’s too pretty to take it down so soon after Christmas and I want to enjoy it for longer during cozy winter nights in with Netflix. And no, I am not superstitious or believe it’s bad luck! I find superstitions like that to be absolutely ridiculous!

2. I mainly drink sparkling mineral water and I mix it with natural fruit juice. It’s my own healthy version of a sweet fizzy drink.

3. When I buy new things, I leave everything in the original packaging and don’t use it for days because it’s all so pretty and new.

4. I can’t use chopsticks. It’s not a big problem as I don’t like Chinese food anyway.

5. I have a big crush on two fictional characters: Jon Snow from Game of Thrones played by Kit Harrington and Dean Winchester from Supernatural played by Jensen Ackles.

The below picture with Kit Harrington was taken after Jamie Lloyd’s production of Doctor Faustus at the Duke of York’s which was naturally packed with Game of Thrones fans eager to see Kit Harrington on stage.25 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME - meeting Kit Harrington.

6. I really don’t have a sweet tooth (with one exception – see number 10). I physically cannot eat even a small slice of a birthday/wedding cake or a chocolate bar.

7. My favorite cuisines are Mexican and Italian. I can resist any food but I could never say no to pizza, pasta, or a burrito!

8. Although I can swim, I have never jumped into a swimming pool as I was too scared but was recently pushed into one, fully clothed at 11 pm, by my cousin at a family gathering. Although it was all perfectly safe and my cousin is a qualified lifeguard, I am still traumatized.

9. I can’t cook. I don’t enjoy it, I make a massive mess, I don’t have the patience and I really suck at it. My signature dish is pasta with pesto sauce. It’s one of my favorite dishes in the world anyway!

10. I love Haribo Golden Bears but always pick the white ones first, the green ones second, and then the rest.

11. I have a very strong sense of loyalty and I don’t easily forgive, I tend to hold the grudge.

12. I am not a very romantic person. I hate romantic movies, I don’t do PDA and I don’t care for sunsets or fireworks.

13. I am obsessed with cats. I mean, who isn’t?

14. I am Polish and I have lived in London for the last 13 years.

15. I was dyeing my hair blonde from the age of 17 until three years ago (with one year break in the middle when I dyed my hair black). As much as I loved my blond hair it was damaging its delicate structure so I decided to give it some rest and go natural. It was the best decision ever as my hair is now in the best condition it’s ever been!

Here are some fond memories of my blonde past (the ridiculously long hair shots are obviously with clip-on hair extensions) :

25 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME - I used to be blonde!

16. I wish I had been born in the future when teleportation and trips to space will be the norm.

17. I had nose surgery a few years ago. I had a deviated septum after falling on my face as a child on the way to school so whilst there was a medical reason, I was also unhappy with the shape of my old nose. I am happy that I did it back then as now I would be too scared and would have been stuck with my old nose forever!

18. My favorite emoji is the eye roll emoji. I roll my eyes a lot in real life.

19. My favorite alcoholic drink is Prosecco mixed with an obscene amount of Chambord. I prefer Prosecco to champagne. I don’t really like wine and I hate beer (both give me an instant headache).

20. I love roller coasters but I am too scared to ride them sober. Every single trip to a theme park starts at the bar.


21. The only types of fruit I like are berries – raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, gooseberries, blueberries…

22. I don’t like touching anything made of velvet, it makes me cringe.

23. My favorite book of all time is “The Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov.

24. I like covering my pizza and scrambled eggs with an obscene amount of Heinz ketchup. It has to be Heinz though. Don’t judge me.

25. At school, I was one of the “popular” girls and a kind of a rebel. I went to all cool parties, I skipped classes, did not pay attention to the teachers, and was involved in all kinds of mischief. Despite all this and disbelief of some of my teachers, I graduated with flying colors. Work smart, not hard, right?

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