Scary And Cute Scarecrow Makeup For Halloween: Top 5 Easy Tutorials

How to do scarecrow makeup: easy tutorials for the best cute and scary scarecrow makeup ideas, perfect for a last-minute Halloween costume!

Is it Halloween yet?!


Have you seen my Halloween costume ideas for women, DIY Halloween decorations, and DIY Halloween costumes for kids articles?

Now it’s time to look at some great Halloween makeup ideas!

There are many awesome Halloween makeup tutorials on the Internet but the majority require some advanced makeup skills which I unfortunately lack.

If you don’t have the time, patience, or talent to spend hours creating a masterpiece Halloween makeup look, fear not as Halloween makeup really does not have to be difficult or time-consuming to look awesome.

Scarecrow makeup is your answer!

It can be customized to look either scary or cute – it’s entirely up to you what vibe you want to go for.

Check out these 5 easy DIY Halloween makeup looks below. They are super easy and can be done by anyone – even me!

You can get a step-by-step tutorial for each makeup by clicking on the link underneath the picture.

Let’s dive into it!

1. Scary Scarecrow Makeup

A super cool and easy look with smokey eyes and scary contact lenses.

scary scarecrow makeup by @sonjdradeluxe

Source: @sonjdradeluxe

Get The Tutorial From Sonjdra Deluxe

2. Cute Scarecrow Makeup

If you want to create a cute and stylish look, then this idea could be perfect for you. It’s super easy too!

cute scarecrow makeup by @shaaanxo

Source: @shaaanxo

Get The Tutorial From Shaaanxo

3. Glam Scarecrow Makeup

A super glam and feminine look!

Glam scarecrow makeup by Blonde And Ambitious

Source: Blonde And Ambitious

Get The Tutorial From Taylor Mobley

4. Easy Scarecrow Makeup

Glam scarecrow makeup by Pretty Hair Is Fun

Source: Pretty Hair Is Fun

Get The Tutorial From Pretty Hair Is Fun

5. Glittery Scarecrow Makeup

Scarecrow makeup by @glamnanne

Source: @glamnanne

Get The Tutorial From Glam N Anne

So these are the 5 super easy scarecrow makeup tutorials for Halloween. I hope you like them!

If you feel more adventurous, why not try to recreate one of the two scarecrow looks below!

Spooky Illusion

Halloween look by @sydneynicoleaddams

Source: @sydneynicoleaddams

Get The Tutorial From Sydney Nicole

Creepy Glam

Halloween look by @ninamour

Source: @ninamour

Get The Tutorial From Ninamour

I have also added some more gorgeous ideas from Instagram below. You can mix and match elements of different makeups to create your own unique look.

Bright and Colorful

Halloween look by @hayleyshanksmakeup

Source: @hayleyshanksmakeup


Halloween look by @addybeauty

Source: @addybeauty


Halloween makeup by @paaimoda

Source: @paaimoda

Super Cool

Halloween makeup by @kayleigh_ashman

Source: @kayleigh_ashman

With Sunflowers

Halloween look by @tannettamakeupartistry

Source: @tannettamakeupartistry


Scarecrow makeup by @kristinrosedavis

Source: @kristinrosedavis

Cute And Scary

Scarecrow makeup by @reynarbin

Source: @reynarbin

Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow Look
Halloween look by @wanessabrazilmakeup

Source: @wanessabrazilmakeup

Cute And Easy

cute and easy Halloween makeup by @_the_dork_side_

Source: @_the_dork_side_

The Devil Is In The Detail

Halloween scarecrow look from @aliipe

Source: @aliipe

Pretty Scarecrow

Halloween makeup by @glamorous_liz3

Source: @glamorous_liz3


Halloween scarecrow makeup by @danyaguillen

Source: @danyaguillen

Demonic Scarecrow Makeup

Halloween makeup by @alanadawn

Source: @alanadawn

Super Creepy With Black Contact Lenses

Scary Halloween makeup by @beautybyemj_

Source: @beautybyemj_

Luminous Scarecrow Makeup

Scarecrow makeup by @hutchbeauty

Source: @hutchbeauty

In terms of the scarecrow Halloween costume to go with your makeup, you can easily put something together last minute by getting creative with the clothes you already have in your closet, such as denim overalls, a plaid shirt, bandana, old flannel, straw hat, etc.

If you prefer to buy your Halloween scarecrow costume, I have found these three cool pieces on Amazon.

Scarecrow Halloween Costumes For Women

scarecrow Halloween costumes for women

Shop Scarecrow Halloween Costumes Here: Left | Middle | Right

I hope this post has inspired you to create some cool scarecrow Halloween looks this year!

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