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Bored of spending weekends at home and missing adventure?

The weather is miserable at the moment but it doesn’t mean you have to wait until the summer to have fun again. I want to share some quirky UK weekend ideas with you.


  1. Become a ghost hunter

If you are a horror movie enthusiast this will be right up your street! You have an opportunity to conduct your own overnight ghost hunt alongside professional paranormal investigators and psychic mediums in the UK’s most haunted locations like abandoned mental asylums, castles or haunted mansions. You will be provided with professional equipment like EVP Meters, Ouija boards and K2 Meters and could take part in a séance and experiments like glass divination or table tipping. Are you brave enough? I haven’t had the courage so far but thinking about it…

I recommend the following websites offering the ghost hunting events:


  1. Take a journey to the centre of the earth


Fancy visiting the underworld? Go caving! You get to experience zip-lining through caverns, boating across a lake, traversing over an abyss, scaling a waterfall and climbing up a vertical shaft or abseiling your way down to the deepest point in the UK! It’s an adrenaline pumping fun guided by qualified and experienced instructors. No previous experience is necessary and all equipment is provided.

There are a lot of places offering caving experience in the UK, I recommend Go Below in Snowdonia where you can choose from three different types of adventure:


  1. Go camping like a Royal


Glamping, also known as glamour or luxury camping is for those of us who would like to live the experience less the inconvenience that comes with it like the hassle of setting up a tent, bringing your own cooking equipment and sleeping bags, uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, communal toilets and showers, lack of privacy…shall I carry on? With glamping everything has been set up for you and in terms of facilities it’s no different than staying in a nice hotel. Many glamping places include en suite, kitchen facilities and even a TV! You have a variety of options, you could stay in a glamping pod/wigwam, yurt, tipi, bell tent, gypsy caravan, Shepherd’s Hut, Hobbit Hut or even a tree house!

You can search for glamping experiences on these websites:

I have stayed in the wooden wigwams here:


  1. Survive a Zombie apocalypse


If you are a fan of “The Walking Dead” this adrenaline pumping zombie survival experience will be perfect for you. The lethal virus has taken over and it’s your job to save the world. You will receive the necessary training and equipment. Your aim is to complete the missions assigned to you without getting infected. The dead hide in the shadows and they can attack at any time, will you survive?

This is also a good idea for a corporate event.


  1. Get lost


Choose a small town or village you have never visited before, pack your bag and just go. Stay in a B&B, visit all the local attractions and pubs, make friends with the residents and listen to their stories. Embrace the unknown, for two days become a shameless tourist. You will be surprised where this may take you. There is something therapeutic about this experience as we tend to live our lives according to a set schedule by mechanically planning every day. When you don’t know what is going to happen and where the adventure will take you, time seems to slow down and you are able to enjoy every minute.

It’s worth mentioning that some of the above experiences are available from time to time on discount websites like Groupon or Wowcher so if you time it right you can grab yourself a bargain. I have previously purchased a great deal from Groupon: £79 for a two night stay in a deluxe wigwam at the National Diving & Activity Centre in South Wales ( which included Prosecco and Belgian chocolates on arrival and a free breakfast on one day.


Do you have any other suggestions for an unusual weekend?


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